The OnePlus 7 Pro is strong competition for Samsung's Galaxy S10 Plus - our side-by-side comparison examines the triple-lens camera smarts, speed, battery tech, software features and design work, to see which 2019 smartphone is best for you.

While the S10 Plus really impresses for video, the OP7 Pro is a match when it comes to photo quality captured by that tri-lens camera. Plus, OnePlus' pop-up selfie cam means you get a gorgeous full-view display, manufactured by Samsung itself. So visuals are comparable between these premium handsets.

Other specs are a close match, including the battery size - although the OnePlus 7 Pro charges faster by cable, while only the Galaxy offers wireless recharging. As for speed, you get a Snapdragon 855 vs Samsung's Exynos platform, and both blaze through games like PubG Mobile.

I love the design of the OP7 Pro as well, with the choice of matte or glossy glass - both seem pretty durable, just like the glass finish on the S10 Plus.

So which is your favourite premium smartphone of 2019? Don't miss my other comparisons with the Huawei P30 Pro and OP6T. 


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