Boeing has decided to cut the production rate of its 737 Max jets from this month. Reports suggest that only 42 Boeing 737 Max aircraft will be produced in a month, as opposed to the earlier 52 planes. The company will instead turn its attention to fixing the glitches in the flight-control software of the narrow body aircraft series which had led to two deadly crashes.

Boeing Chairman and CEO Dennis Muilenburg said the production cut was temporary and in response to the suspension of 737 Max deliveries. In a statement, he said the reduction was designed to keep a healthy production system and maintain current employment in effect, slowing down production now to avoid a deeper cut later, if fixing the plane takes longer than expected.

The decision to reduce production comes on the back of Boeing's announcement that a second software issue has emerged that needs fixing on the Max. This might impact the company's plan to get its grounded planes back in air and expand production. The American plane maker had hoped to expand production of its Max jets to 57 planes a month within this year. 


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