Old film from the cowtown days.
Sitting in a beat-up pickup, boots out window, feather dangling from rearview (dancing from wind blowing - a storm building on the horizon - huge, white, frothy mounds laced with lightning, an angry head of beer when the keg just blew). 
Any tempest always had silver linings, more work. Weather, a lineman's dubious friend.
Yet, thoughts were elsewhere, a soundtrack kept bumping though the mind, like rolling down a washboard road, just enough so to give a vibration like a dance rhythm and then knowing that even Mother Earth found the Hipbilly Band to her own liking.
Remember: even if you were there, you weren't this there.

Hipbilly, (1/2 Hippy 1/2 Hillbilly):
Michael E. Selter  ("Dixie") - 12-String Guitar/Baritone Ukelele/Lead Vocals/Songwriter
Brian Phillips - Stand-Up Bass 

It could be said that Hipbilly is, as Michael states: "High Energy Acoustic Music From The Hills Of Southeast Kansas" and Hipbilly could be described as a synthesis of elements and filtered through a state of originality, arived at a melodic state that can be inspiring, fanciful, dramatic. 
Yet, that all may be a bit understated.
This night, the results were arresting.

Mr. Spider
Hipbilly - Live @ the Lizard Lounge
Ref.00022 - 4.07.2012
When Johnny Depp and Jimmy Kimmel disparaged the Emerald City, the Peerless Princess of the Plains, known on maps as Wichita, a place inhabited by singing and dancing peoples for 10,000 years, little did they realize we don't take slights lightly. 
This is the place an electric guitar first took the stage - anywhere in the world (1932).
This is the old stomping grounds of Carrie Nation and history well records how she made her feelings be known. Jimmy Kimmel's comedy skit about Wichitawesome as an alternative "Spring Break" destination was just too superficial. 
It missed all the good stuff. 
This is to set that shortcoming right.

Always another beautiful night in Wichitawesome, those of us on "Spring Break Forever" found something other than Wet Parka Contests to amuse and delight. 
Life is a resort and we are all just here on vacation. 
Enjoy it.

It's worth noting that Charles Plymell, one of America's greatest poets, was involved with a loose gang of experimental writers and "outsider" artists centered around Wichita, Kansas in post-war 1950s America. Plymell once revealed, "That was the advantage of nightlife in Wichita, Kansas. In Hollywood or New York, time would be in demand. Here it was spent for the good of it, not for the duty of it."

For not just years, rather generations, Wichita has been famous in the underground as one of the hottest places with some of the coolest people. 
Nothing has changed. 
But never think that this level of same-o same-o ever gets boring. 
Not hardly.

This is an experimental film made with our new mod: a "magic wand camera" - like an ice cream bar on a longer stick or a paintbrush with a lens (but that's indicative of our "magical" mindset in Wichitawesome). 
The Magic Wand can be waved to achieve a level of intimacy not often "scene".
What results is a painting, a 4th-Dimensional portrait of a performance or performers, like Picasso's "Three Musicians" (1921) but this painting exists in time and space - moving through both, and more.
It is not a music video. 
Also, what you see is unrehearsed footage to preserve the authenticity of the encounter - the artist just shows and up and catches what he can, often never having heard the band before. What you see has been shot with a single camera, completely intuitively, and there is no later cut-n-edit. 
Real Reality.
A "Spring Break" blind date and we just got "lucky" as Jimmy Kimmel would say.
Then, it's sure is real deal.
Then, it's Wichitawesome!
And, this is coolness that will stand the test of time.

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This is a free, pro-bono, volunteer effort to put our best face on for the rest of the world to see, then they will agree, that this is the WICHITAwesomest place on the planet.
And, this is coolness that will stand the test of time.

The Kimmel's and Depp's in the world don't get to kick our clods and get away with it. 
(Ol' Captain Road Apples and Jolly Johnny - we do really love you!)

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