https://www.paypal.me/KeithNicholas            Please help the brothers spread the word: If you’ve been hurt or want to help brothers not to make the same mistakes we have had to, support with at least a $5.00. It helps spread the word to men about the dangers of impregnating women, marrying women, how the Court treats men vs women in the Western world, fights against racism towards interracial relationships (some brothers are still hard wired to a race and not to GOD), moneys shall go towards promoting more helpful videos, Young guys are being encouraged to love their moms and dads no matter what . . . but to live life making the right choices for themselves and their children, black women are being taught to forsake the western world and be the faithful loving wife where the father has equal rights to their child and that it is stealing to take away the child’s rights or the dad’s rights. The money also helps to reunite broken homes where the black man knows how to slowly bring the woman he loves to understand her role before GOD (not man) and the family; The money also goes to enlighten young people to the ‘spirit’ of the woman that is prophesied in the bible to rule over governments in the last days . . . and that boy children should go back to learning from the men in the Bible what is means to be a man . . . and not to look for women to teach them . . . but allow GOD to teach them, the money also helps spread statistics namely the facts that  children who are raised by women are more likely to do drugs, suffer sexual abuse, prostitute, get tattoos, rape, rob, get in to gangs, use illegal drugs, abuse alcohol, hang out with bad company, have poor grades, see prison for crimes they did, be anti-Christ whilst talking about GOD (like in rap music or in gangs), be easily retrained, low mental capacity, low self-esteem, seek approval from others not being self-assured, be homosexuals, be pedophiles,  lack in respect others, and more: We train, teach, or show them that they have to fight that feminine spirit and not the person but the mental weakness of the woman, that seeks to feminize men today.
This takes a constant toll on a person but to help brothers I plead with you, it is not just to re-educate brothers, but I would like to start helping brothers with bus fare to jobs, get a person to work creating C.V. s, Cover letters, job letters, and the such to help brothers get jobs. I am very sorry but I admit I have not found any way of helping addicts. . . I try to help prevent the youth from starting. . . Society has so many problems, but I am trying to hit at the root which is to put up warning signs to assist the youth. Fact – when men were leading women 70% of the black household was married, when women lead, 1% are married, Statistics showing 23% of married black household that are still intact have 20% or more Men as head of the household and are generally where men still have the power to lead. This shows that men and not boys who understand the role given to them by GOD Almighty to provide, protect, to keep, to love, to guide, to impute wisdom and understanding, for correction, have become the moral back bone of a still more decrepit society. Please help the fight, for children, for the fatherless, for love!
Donate now! Peace 


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