There are popular cars, there are cult icons, and then there are cars like the E63 M6, which would appear to have all the makings of a cult car, just without the actual status. Perhaps it was the design, or perhaps it was the price, or maybe it was just because the M5 had the same engine with less polarizing styling, but the V10 M6 feels all but forgotten. 

So it's great to see an example like Brandon's, which is not only mint (and manual!?), but also, by some definitions, improved over factory. The already beastly V10 is stroked for greater power. Well-adjusted Air Ride suspension provides height variability and a mostly compliant ride. And a variety of cosmetic bits and bobs (including some gorgeous Forgestar wheels) gives this M6 a well-rounded feel, as though no area has been neglected. 

It's the very soul of impracticality, but it's cars like Brandon's M6 that warm our hearts. 

Side-note: Like Brandon mentioned in the video, he is open to selling the car. Having driven it, trust us: you should buy it. 

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