Today we're going through some facetuned instagram vs real life pictures of ig celebs (Tana Mongeau, Sommer Ray, Alexis Ren, Kristen Hancher, etc.)
We also did a second video on Hannah's channel where we go though pics of Sofia Jamora, Sierra Skye, etc. and talk about the plastic surgery they've got ((and deny))
Watch here!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIGD_935FSo

No hate/shade in these videos the main point we're saying is if you photoshop or get surgery just be open about it like mad respect for Tana for doing so, but opposite for Sommer who's out here doing this claiming it's natural and then selling workout routines to "achieve her body"

Also obviously we don't know these girls personally so it's not like confirmed, but were just pointing out what others have posted in relation to this topic.

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