So, this is a slightly different notice than I would normally bring attention to in one of my videos, but given the upcoming release of Aquaman on Blu-ray, I felt that it was important to speak up.
Following Amber Heard's domestic abuse against Johnny Depp and coming to light (with 87 surveillence videos, photographic evidence of bruises and Depp's severed finger, and witness statements to prove that the abuse she inflicted was real, and that her original allegations against him were fabricated to further her own career), please consider signing the petition to remove her as Mera from the DCEU for her crimes.

Here are some further articles on the subject containing court documents and photographic evidence for further information:

Anyway... back to Blu-ray! Aquaman is being released on April 8th... but as it turns out from its' release in other territories, there are drawbacks to this particular format that may make you want to reconsider your purchase...

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